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Baybreeze - I had my app't and the doc has put me on an anti-biotic for a week - Keflex I think it was. Anyway he says I'm healing OK and wants to see me in another week to check the wound.

You are right. The pain is nerve pain and he said the nerve grows back at the rate of 1" per month, so to expect some minimal pain for awhile. I can live with this, especially since I still have meds. I appreciate all your advice.

He did say I could drive right now, but I probably won't for a few more days since our cars are standard. I also could go back to work, but since it involves long hours sitting at a computer plus walking, and lifting heavy packages, I've decided to take at least another week off. I will check this out with the dr. again at the next app't.

I will try to bend less. You have good points about the healing process and I just didn't think that much about the details - but you are so right. I should take it easy more. Today I went back to bed after breakfast and slept right thru to lunch...I was so tired just going to the dr. yesterday I guess. First surgery so I don't always allow for extra time to heal and rest.

Thanks for all your help and tips - you have some very good advice. I'll keep you all posted on what happens next. ....:)