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Well let me first tell you what happened......
Thursday night I was feeling fine,I had no out of the ordinary goings on.It was about 1045 pm and I was on the computer and was in the process of shutting off the computer and going to bed.I had to get up early for my now,twice a week appointments to MD Anderson (2 hours away one way)for my coumadin clinic,blood level checks.I dread these monday and friday dates,the long drive,traffic and just the thought of going there ALWAYS get me rattled.So I was shutting down when all of the sudden out of the blue I began shaking like I was cold REAL cold,as you know in Texas it is hot as hell and humid and this night was no different,so why all the sudden did this happen? I took my tempature and it was 101.3,well I went to the bathroom flipped on the heater drew some HOT bath water and was going to soakand soaked I did 2 hours of soaking,I had thought to bring my water in there for I was also thirsty.When I got out I dried the bags off and then noticed my heart felt like it was beating HARD and FAST and I was running out of breathe doing the simpliest of things.I literally thought I was having a heart attack ( I have no diagnosied heart problems) I made it to my computer after stopping and resting every few inches (I live in a very small apt.) I was so short of breath I sit down and searched for symptoms of a heart attack.Well this paticular website had the symptoms of a heart attack AND symptoms of a anxiety attack,my symptoms were closer to a anxiety attack than a heart attack.I have had 3 anxiety attacks that I know of and one of them was about 2 weeks ago,similar symptoms just not medically diagnosised because I didnt go to the Dr.,but it had started the EXACT same way chills,fever,hard heartbeat etc.... So BOTH times I took 2 ativan the first time it worked this time it sisnt.I developed a awful headache which is rare for me and my neck started hurting? Well I felt like hell and had to get up to go to the Dr for my blood level check.When my dad came and picked me up,I was feeling a little better he had to wheel me down,once I got loaded and half way there I stopped to get a a bite to eat (drive thru) After that I told my dad I was feeling a little bit better,my fever had went down and all.So I told him instead of taking me to the ER we could go to the priginal plan of going for my blood check.So we get there I felt tired,but thats to be expected and they got me back did my vitals and the burse said you have a fever and your BP is low 85/58 which my BP usually runs a little low,well she got another nurse to evaluate me and when she saw my vitals she said whats wrong and I described the night before she said Baby you need to go to the ER and your mouth area is kinda blue.Well we head to the ER and they took a urine sample,they did a chest Xray,bloodwork and said you have a UTI They started me on CIPRo IV and I even explained to the DR. about the night before and still blamed it on the UTI....I even told him this happened about 2 weeks ago and Ativan,seemed to stop my heart racing.But I still got it is just a UTI.I was hospitlized last month for chronic UTIs and have been taking maintance Keflex to see if that would help them.All this took 12 freakin hours in the ER for them to tell me it was a UTI? Does this even sound right? I am so sorry for the long post but need some reassurance.

BTW I have a urostomy I dont think that matters except about the UTIs