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Anyone know what to do about a "split". Can't imagine how I got it. I can not see it so it is hard to treat. I just about doubled my leg over to see it when I first got it and my hip is still killing me......I have severe osteoporosis of the spine and hip and am afraid of breaking my hip if I try that again. The doc said I could break turning over in bed so I am blindly trying to fix my foot.

In the morning I wash it in the shower and then dab it with alcohol and put Bactroban ointment on where it hurts but not sure I am getting the whole thing and then put 2 band aids on. I use 2 because I am not sure I am getting all the right area the first time....I figure even if it is not the gauze part going on some of the cut, the Bactroban will keep the adhesive from sticking to it and then put another bandaid overlaying it.

It hurts to walk (actually it hurts all the time just worse when I walk) and I have no one to look at it. If I go to the NP she will probably give me Keflex and I would rather try to cure it without antibiotics as I am allergic to all of them except the Keflex and Levaquin families. I get allergic drugs after I have taken them a number of times so I know eventually I am going to get a reaction to these also and would like to save them for life or death situations just in case the next time I take them that is the time I will break out in hives all over.

I even have to be careful with the Bactroban as I became allergic to Neosporin after some years of occasional use.

Any suggestions would be helpful and very appreciated. I don't really think it is infected as it does not hurt to push further down on my foot - only on the cut area.

Thanks much.