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Hello Heelies,
I went to see my Dr. yesterday, he said my foot looks good but no more moving my foot up & down, no more getting my foot wet in shower, no swimming, no exercise bike, no weight bearing, no nothing but moving my toes & flexing my calf till 10/8.
In 41 days on he will take an x-ray & let me start walking, that will be 13 weeks after surgery.
I met an 11 year old boy Sunday who had a really bad fractured displaced heel & could not walk for 3 years after surgery, he is okay now & walking fine, he said the thing that got him through it was driving the Walmart handycap scooter.
He had such a good outlook, what a trooper.
It makes my situation seem not to bad at all.
All the news about infection makes me want to start taking my Keflex just in case.

Keep on healing heelies!
Hello Heelies!
Guess what, Wednesday night I noticed the one scab left on my foot was draining.
Called the Dr. right away, he said to go ahead & start taking the extra bottle of Keflex I had on hand, put antibiotic salve & a bandage on it, don't move my foot & keep the boot on.
I think it's just a minor infection but don't want to let it get out of hand.
Dr. is not to worried, but may want to see me next week on Wednesday.

Glad your all doing fine.

Keep on healing healies!

Hi Carole,

Keep us posted on the leakage. I hope it doesn't turn into anything. I'm glad you notified the doc right away. How long have you been on the Keflex?

Thank you Joe for the advice on PT. I'll find out soon enough, no sense getting worked up over it. It is what it is.

Jason.......I have no comment about you riding a bicycle 1 week after your surgery. I can't come up with anything to say....LOL

I finally went outside and laid out in the sun for 30 minutes. It felt very good as I haven't done that since last year. I still continue to left weights and do stomach crunches. Gotta do something during the day.

Have a great wekend everyone and keep heeling.

Hello Again!
Been taking Keflex for 2 days since Wednesday night, it only took the Dr.'s office exchange about 1 minuet to get him on the phone for me.
It's kind of hard to keep the boot on especialy since it's so hot here in the S.F. bay area we are getting 3 digit temps.
Been working yesterday & today, just sitting down stuffing envelopes, doing quotes, checking jobs & talking to clients.
I'm going to a big S.F. farmers market in the morning, then helping here at the mail house for a few hours, then helping at a S.M. gem & mineral show in the afternoon & Sunday.

Have a great weekend!
I'm gonna catch up to ya!
Keep up the good healing!

Thank you,
Hello Heelies,
The wound on my foot that was a draining brown scab, then draining yellow green ugly, is now white & does not seem to be draining anymore.
Have not had a fevor or any pain so think infection is well under control.
Will keep taking the antibiotic Keflex till it's gone.
Don't want anything to stand in the way of me walking on Oct. 8th.

Keep on Healing Heelies!