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Hello Everyone, This is my first posting here. I was diagnosed with "Post Strep reactive Arthritis" I had just turned 39 Jan 4th/06 when I became sick with Strep throat. I have had strep before I think like maybe twice in my twenties, and recovered just fine. But not this time, I was really sick temp of 104 for 4 days straight I got into the doctors right away and was given keflex to fight off the strep. I was back to work in about 6 days after starting the antibiotic. about 10 days later I started with pain in my legs(kinda like I had run a marathon) which just got worse this went on for about 2 wks and then my legs ballooned. I went to the hospital where they did blood test and gave me shots in the hips for swelling (it did nothing) My blood work came back with Platelet count 678 and sed-rate was 47. They were unsure what was going on with me so I was sent home to follow up with my regular Doctor. I was actually bed-ridden for 9 wks with pain outta this world I couldn't walk, just to go to the bathroom I needed help. At night if I even tried to move my legs across the bed I would scream out in pain it was crazy. My doctor was trying to scramble to figure out what was going on. Waiting lists for specialists here in Ottawa was long. I was seen by hemo-globin specialists/ Rheumatologists. They starting thinking "Lupus" but after tons and tons of test Lupus came back negative(Thank God). And then in May i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia(Sorry bad spelling)Well come Sept I got strep again not as sick as first time though and then again in Oct finally I was sent to a Infectiuos Disease doc who immediately put me on long-term pennicillin. The strep attacks stopped but the pain and swelling did not. Its now been 21/2 yrs since this all started and my Infectious doc diagnosed me in July/07 with PSRA a manifestation of Rheumatic Fever. I am presently taking Athrotec, ampitripyline, penicillin and sr morphine.Also my ASO titres have been in the 1000's for the past yr once i started pencillin in Dec we have got them done to 550 normal being100-150. This ASO means I am still producing anti-bodies to Strep. Unfortunately my doc doesn;t think the pain and arthrtis will go away but his main concern is Strep can attack the heart so i get echo-cardio grams done every 4 mths or so. I am yet to find anyone that has psra last for this long a time?????
I know this can be common in children but i am yet to speak to an adult that has this. So when i saw (Tatoos) posting i was like WOW.I would love to chat with you
My infectious Doc is starting to question(after 21/2 yrs) to whether or not the strep is actually there at all but my immune system thinks it still is. Which would make it an immune problem??
Its hard to live with this chronic pain in my legs it just is ALWAYS there.
Thank -you for reading my post