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I just recently received the MRI results but I am having trouble understanding it,This is what it says: Sagital and axial T1-T2-weighted scans of the Lumbar spine obtained. There is degenerated disk disease with desiccation and loss of T2 disk signal. Degenerative disk bulging is seen as well.The scans are extended superiorly through the T11 level. No definiite soft tissue disk herniation is seen. The most impressive disk bulging is seen at L3-L4. degenerative change is also appreciated through the facet joints. I had gone to th ER in our town and was diagnose with sciatica, My left thigh medial and into groin is numb. They also injected kenalog down the sciatic nerve. It has been three weeks and the numbing is still there, Can you explain this to me?:confused: