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MKG.............Thank you for your help. My last test were about 2 wks ago:

TSH....................0.842....................Range .35 - 5.50
FT4.................... 0.89.....................Range .61 - 1.76
FT3.................... 2.5.......................Range 2.3 - 4.2

I think she did mean that she thought I might have High cortisol because she did mention possible Cushings. But at the same time she didn't want me to increase my meds for 3 months so that if cortisol WAS high she wanted to give me Cortef and wanted to be able to tell if the cortef or the med increase was helping me. She was basing her need for a test on the hump on back and round face. My own personal opinion was that I just needed meds increased since I still have so many symptoms, and that you would only give cortef if cortisol was LOW. That is what confused me. Also, I have been given Kenalog shots for non thyroid reasons [dermititis and flu]3 times in the past several yrs and they always make my thyroid symtoms SO MUCH BETTER, and that seems to point to having LOW cortisol, doesn't it? I'm going to read the post you suggested.

Sue.................I agree for the above reasons. Since I have trouble with med increases I was afraid the Cortef would add to bp problem when I am trying to increase. Doesn't it tend to increase bp? Because I just had a Kenalog 40 shot she wanted me to wait a month before doing the test[24 hr urine and cortef]. Now that makes it 4 months before I can try to increase again and as slow as I have to increase, that was disapointing.

How are you doing with your increases? Are you feeling better? I wonder if your surgeon would reccomend a good surgeon in my area or even Houston? It would be so far for me to go to Austin. I would have to close my business for at least a wk and hubby also has business that is hard to stay away from for that long. I am due another ultrasound and FNB.
Mkg...............I am primarily hypo with hashimoto's, but have 87% TSI antibodies which makes me have Hashitoxicosis. My top thyroid dr. that I had been seeing and lost confidence in was a TSH watcher and kept me undermedicated. He checked my cortisol with random test at 4:30 in the afternoon and it was 14 [range 2 -25]. He later did a Dex [pill the night before] fasting test and drew blood first thing in morning and it was 1 [range 2-25]. He later did a 24 hr. urine test that he said was normal. All these test were done in a 2-yr period. He concluded that my cortisol was fine.

I am taking 82 1/2 mcg Armour [ 5 1/2 - 15 mcg pills]. My B12 is was 1140 [range 211-946]..[at the time of test I was taking a multi that contained 500 mcg B12].........my serum ferritin was 162 [range 10-291]. She did a parathyroid hormone test that was normal. Now she has ordered for me:

24 hr. Urine Catecholemines
24 free cortisol
plasma cortisol at 8 am and 10 pm
plasma ACTH
serum catecholemine

She wants me to wait a month until the kenalog 40 that I took for the flu gets out of my system because she said it might effect results of tests. Do I need all these tests? I think I just need to increase med. I have to increase very slowly, about 4 mcg at a time so as not to have hyper symptoms caused by the TSI antibodies. I think the TSI antibodies are falsely suppressing my TSH. In my over 30 yrs of being hypo I have never had a TSH over 1.5. After doing the above tests, if all is not normal, she wants me to wait 3 mo before I increase again. I know this doesn't make sense, but she said if cortisol is high as she suspects, she will put me on low dose of cortef and see if that improves my numbers. If I start increasing now, she won't know if it is the cortef or the increase that is working. I agree with Sue. If cortef is high, taking cortef would be like putting grease on the fire.
No...........I was never told that my cortisol was high. From the three different tests my thyroid dr. did, he concluded it was normal. My gp [the one wanting to do the tests] is basing her reasons for the test on the hump on my back at the base of my neck.

Is this a clue??? I have had 3 Kenalog 40 cortisone shots in the last couple of years, and each time I get them my hypo symptoms improve dramatically until they wear off. Would this point to LOW cortisol??
Shmily--I would ask to do the adrenal stimulation test to see if they are and can adequately produce cortisol. That may be the only way to know for sure. And definitely wait until the effects of the Kenalog are out of your system. The 24 hour urine test is more used if they suspect Cushing's disease. Cortisol, in general, would make most people feel good. That's just part of the hormone's function. So I don't know if you feeling better while being on it is because you need it or it's just the cortisol doing what it would do for most people.