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Hey Mel.... Glad you got some good responses from this Doc.... atleast you are getting them from a neruosurgeon.... the neurosurgeon that I was going to and that did my surgery is the one that has been giving me the run around, and so he sent me on to PM... and the guy I saw the other day was so nice and attentive to my questions, and such, he answered anything I wanted answered, and sat there until I was done, which made me feel a whole lot better...I got so much more information out of him..... I go on the 14th for a EMG... then on the 21st for a ESI....... and he put me on a new med called Keppra... its for nerve pain....Anyway good luck with your testing and injection... hope it goes well for you, and gives you the relief you are looking for...

Take Care

April :angel: