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Someone said in their post that MRI's, Myelograms etc... don't lie.... but do they tell the whole story of what is going on and causing pain?

I had a Hemilaminectomy/discectomy back on June 2.... had complete relief for roughly 2 weeks... over the 2 weeks the pain gradually came back..... having constant Lower back, hip, buttock, leg, calf and foot pain.... have the crawling, tingling, burning, numb, sensations in my right leg, and now in my left as well, which I didn't have before surgery, also have the pulling, achy pain in my legs... cant bend at the waist or it pulls all the way down my leg, Doc says I have no achilles reflex in my right leg.... last three toes on my right foot are numb and my toes and foot ache terribly.....EMG concluded I have L5-S1 Radiculopathy.... Had another MRI in August it says I dont have any nerve compression, but I do have residual tissue at L5-S1 after my Lami/Discectomy...Have gone for 3 Epidural Steroid Injections... first two gave me maybe 2 days relief... the last one I had this past tuesday lasted only a few hrs.. now my pain is back worse....I was on Keppra... didnt help... then on Neruontin, he took me off it on tuesday because it was causing terrible headaches... and wasnt helping..... Had a Myelogram on Oct 20th... it says I dont have any nerve compression but when my PM doc was doing my injection this last time, he said on the floroscopy xray he could see something there at the S1 nerve... and that it was irritating my S1 nerve.... mind you this doesnt show up on MRI or Myelogram.....When he did my injection, he said he was going to treat the S1 nerve, and when he injected me, it immediately shot the pain down my butt and leg clear to my foot... .Hurt something awful, but went away in a few seconds... and pain totally disappeared for probably a hour.....so if the MRI and stuff shows no compression on that nerve.... Why am I having such pain? something has to be there...Right? it is so frustrating to have this pain, and have the tests say nothing is there.... sorry so long, had to vent and get it out... any input sure would be appreciated.... Thanks Alot... Take Care All....... :angel: