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WCPI, I also have numerous spine problems, the toughest pain I have though is from damage to the S1 neve, I have tried about everything and even had a SCS implant done only had to have to removed.
My PM and I are currently workng on changing meds and trying new and different one to avoid having the pain pump implant done yet.
I am now on methadoneand since he has moved it to 3 times a day it is helping he also started me on keppra which s a anti-seizure med that is helping with the pain, it is found these meds help with nerve pain only they have so many side effects, so I'm not sure I'll be able to stay on it.
I have also found that the supplement of B12 is great for nerve pain and also has increased my energy level that was zilch, if you do the B12 make sure you get a time released or it doesn't stay in your system long enough to absorb.
I'm worried about the amount of tyenol you are taking this can't be good for you and your liver.
I hope that you and your dr can find the right meds to help you soon.