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Hi, Sorry to hear that your not able to find any relief, I have problems at all three levels of my spine and permanant damage to the S1 nerve so I can relate to the leg pain, like you I have tried it all except surgery they say my conditions are not operable, I did however even try the spinal cord stimulator to no avail.
At times I have felt the only relief would be to just cut my legs off.
At this point my Pm and I are trying new and dif meds before moving on to the pain pump.
Right now I am taking methadoone 3 times a day and started keppra 2 times a day, which is a anti-convulsant med they use for seizures but have found these meds to be very effective in the treatment of nerve pain.
My question to you is have you treid any of the anti-sizure meds for your nerve pain, I know they can have terrible side effects but often they go away with time, I know it has been a little over a week and I have noticed a dif. in my nerve pain, now if the side effects get better.
Hi Toni, Sure sounds like you more then have your hands full, hopefully the dr you are seeing this month will be able to help.
I had to stop the keppra, it was awful after the headaches went away I felt as if I was in a rage all the time and about ready to blow up, I see my Pm Thur. to see where we go from there, the meth 3 x a day seems to be helping some, my GP started me on cymbalta and it seems to have mellowed me out some and I've had a bit more energy the last few days, afraid to say to much I'll jinx it.
I know if I can't find something that wworks the pain pump is next and I'm not ready for that even after 6 + yrs of living with CP.
I can't even count the number of drs I have seen these past yrs and not many with good results.
I'm so sorry it will take til Dec to get in to a Pm dr isn't there anyone you can see sooner that is a awfully long wait and then how much time do you think they will have for you if they are so booked up.
Anyway I hope something is found to help you soon.
Thinking of you and wishing you the best.