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Hi, Sweetie ~ :)

I'm 62 and was diagnosed in '97. I TOTALLY understand how you're feeling. I would echo what Carol had to say. I'd also add that you need to find some type of exercise that you CAN do without pain...for me it's swimming. I can only do it in warm weather as just going outdoors on these cold MI days is a killer, but from April or May through Sept. or Oct. I swim at least 3 times a week. Once you have your MRI results, I'd recommend a good neurologist. There is a wide variety of meds available that they are more likely to be willing to try than a family practioner or an orthopod, including anti-seizure meds if you are starting to get nerve pain (radiculopathy). There is also a wide range of non-invasive or minimally invasive treatment available. Most orthopods are more likely to look at surgery earlier than neurologists. If you do a little research online re: failed back syndrome, you'll see why I recommend trying anything and EVERYTHING before surgery!!! I'm blessed to have a neuro who does acupuncture, and we're doing that in Feb. I'll post afterwards & LYK how that works.

I'm not going to paint a falsely rosy picture. I can't pick up my grandchildren or do much playing w/ them any more, but I can still hold them if they climb up in my lap. (That's probably the most painful part of all this, at least on an emotional level.) Trips now have to be by plane as I can no longer drive long distances, and I'm relegated to a wheelchair if we're going to be anywhere where a lot of walking is involved. This disease is TRULY a pain, and frequently people either don't have a clue or don't believe that you really hurt as much as you do b/c you look so normal. That's even true of family, especially if you have sons. They expect parents to always be strong & healthy, so it's hard for them to accept. As for the lack of love life, my husband & I just had to learn to cope. We finally accepted the fact that between back pain & all the problems that come w/ menopause, that part of our marriage was pretty much done. Fortunately, he's not a super high testosterone guy, so he's able to cope. He's also at an age where his drive is dimninishing, too. We love each other more than we did when we got married 37 1/2 years ago though, and in this day when more than 1/2 of marriages end in divorce, we're thankful for that!!

As for pain control, I'm currently on Morphine orally, Lidoderm patches, and Keppra (for nerve pain), along with a combination of herbals and other supplements for both the arthritis and menopause. I'm also on Ambien and a couple of herbal remedies for sleep. I'd highly recommend looking into natural remedies, although not all of them are effective for everyone. In addition, stay AWAY from Ultram. My former doc kept me on it for 7 years & it caused seizures!!

Guess I've rambled on long enough. Hope I've helped a little. :rolleyes:

God bless...Hugs & prayers ~ :angel: