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hi, I'm late getting into this discussion, but I felt I had something to add.
I had lumbar 4-5 on april 11 and had complications , ie nerve swelling from it. A week after coming home I saw my neurologist and he put me on 50mg Lyrica 3x day and within 2 weeks I was taking 300mg day, the max he said . But it did not take away all the Pain but helped. It did cause muscle spasms in upper back, I was strangly aggresive and irritable, and had very weird dreams and even suicadal thougts at times. I gained weight. Even so, I took it for about 6 weeks. I then read about Keppra, another anti-siezure drug being used for neuropathic pain, and started it. I'm on day 3 of it, and feel better. I do not feel so agresive. . My pain is ok, and also one really bad side effect from Lyrica is WEIGHT GAIN. it is notorious for it. I belong to *********.org and they use it there for neuropathic pain and some use it for anxiety alos thye use it off label for bipolar (by they I mean the pysch docs, It is being used off label for anxiety. It does help, I was a lot less anxious, but unforntunely irritable. So how can you win? I think it is a good drug and definitely one I would try. I also experienced some swelling too. (legs and feet)