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so nice of you to think about my problems while you are in so much pain! Thank you, dear heart.

My father is not so well, worry sick about him. But my mom is with him, my brother and his wife is there too(they leave together) so this makes me happy, I know they take good care of him.
I got air tickets for Nov. 05 till 16th. I am realy scared how will I fly, how will I walk that much, but he is my dad and if something happen to him I will be very upset all my life that I did not go.

Do you know that that Keppra med (for neuropathy pain) works so much better than Lurica or Neurontin. I was taking Neurontin for such a long time and it did not realy work well on me plus I hated side effects i experienced. I don't have any side effects from Keppra and my neuropathy pain is so much better. Dr said though that in a while dose has to be go up (body gets used to), but so far i can handle the pain better.

Do you know how is Shawley doing? He dissapeared, don't see him much anymore... I hope it's a sign that he is doing better, is he?
Love ya, have a good day!
So glad the med is working for you. I have never heard of this keppra. I will ask my doctor about it.

Shawley, was doing fine last I chatted with him. The shot really helped him and is out living life. I know how to get a message to him if you need me to.

I have been praying for your father and your trip. Take care sweetie.