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we all can relate to you regarding pain and leaving in pain every day.
One thing I can tell you for sure: my first fusion failed too and I could not walk/seat or stand more than 10 min at the time. I could not do much at all and learned not to push otherwise I had to pay a big price.
Pushing yourself to do things our bodies can't do - meaning damaging your problems even more.
I went through many DR until I got lucky and found excellent PM Dr at HSS in NYC. He does not believe being on meds for a prolong time. He designs "meds coctail" for your condition only. And if in a month your are not getting better, he changes it and tries something else.
I was on Neurontin for a year and told him that in the beginning helped me, than stopped, he was suprised that previous DR did not take me off it. He changed to Keppra and it worked for me for a good 6 month, than he changed again.
I believe that if you are on your meds for too long, your body adjusts to meds and doses and they have to be changed. That is why you need a GOOD PM, who really cares for you.
Just because certain meds help me, not nesserarily it will work for you - that is why a good DR will be able to help you only.
And try to take care of yourself: always remember that mind and body work together; meditation, relaxation tapes, positive thinking, trying to find happines in everything helps with pain tremendously.
It took me a great deal of learning and researching from a big "guru" in this field to realize that help for us, CP patients, can't come just from meds and DRs, we can be a big part of helping ourselves too. Good luck to you, sweet heart, I hope you will find answers for yourself...:angel: