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Nerve pain is a "side effect" of the fusion/decompression/lami surgery. Nerves can take up to 2 years to heal, unfortunatelly.
I had my first surgery on 03/14/06 and got nerve pain/, numbness/ dropped foot right after. I had another surgery on 12/07 and all still here plus a lot of new areas nerve pain.
I was on Lurica, got many side effects.
I was on Keppra
Was on Neurontin and now back on it again.

Good luck to you on your recovery, make it as comfortable as you can!:)
for leg crumps try Magnesium. Combination of Calcium/Magnesium even better, but Mgn is the best for this.
I was on Lurica, couldn't tolerate and did not see much help. Did not get any weight on it.
Than I was on Neurontin for a year. I gain a little weight but I think this is due me not be able to move much. It did help me, worked well on me.
But a year later when I got worse overall, did not help much anymore and PM put me on Keppra. Keppra does not make you gain weight at all.
Any nerve pain meds has to be increased over time since body gets used to it and if you stay at same dose - stops working.

Good luck to you!:)