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HI LQP, If the military doesn't provide a service that you need or want to try due to this ones docs inability to manage your pain. Such as pain management with an actual PM doc that has experience or a partner with experience specializing in your condition, they should champus you out.

Another way to get your doc to champus you out is to investgate standard treatments for your condition and find something they can't or don't have a specialist to do, such as Acupuncture, trigger point injections,Chiropractic, learning bio feedback, self hypnosis, guided imagry etc. an approach to manageing pain they can't offer that you will only find through a civilian PM clinic or group of docs in prvate practice. Something other than correct your posture and use motrin or Ultram.LOL

If you have to go over your primary docs head and explain he isn't able to offer you anything that helps when you know there are dozens of things to try out there that the military would generally discharge someone from active duty if the militarys method doesn't improve the patients ability to perform his task or job.

If he claims to be a PM doc, do some research, find out what kind of doc he is, find out what kind of training in PM he has had,What kind of training or experience in your conditon. There could be many reasons other than ineffective treatment to go outside the military. Is he a member of any of the pain management societes, the AAPM or the APS? Or is this doc just a nerologist or ortho guy who clearly doesn't have any specific trainng in pain management. You may have to go to the CO of the hopital if his imediate superior isn't willing to say cut you loose and let you champus out. Hopefully?

Do they offer psych services to dependents, many clinics and practices also incorporate psychiatrst or psychologist to help people deal with the depression associated wth intracatable pain. There has to be a loop whole somewhere that they don't offer a specific benefit, servce or specific type of treatment that could be efective on your condition. Any doc that thinks he has the answer to every single painful condition, is full of BS. MY group of docs is made up of neurologist/Psychiatrist, a DO/anesthesiologist, physical medicine docs "physiatrists" and they have a Psychologist who's specialty is pain management.

Some services offered to active duty are not available for dependnets. something like acupuncture, there is TENS, TINS, trigger point injections, Botox, compounded topicals containg lidocane, ketamine, anti-iflamatories. There are ESI's, many types of nerve blocks, Lidocaine infusions, Robaxin infusions, bracing, spinal cord stims and psych tools like relaxation techniques to manage pain.

It's just very unlikely this one doc can offer every modality to treat chronic pain. Once you have showed you have tried every trick up his sleeve it's time to champus you out.You have to be demanding, become a pest to this guy untill he wants you gone if you have too.

Next step is find out who you do want to see, so they can refer you to that PM specialist. Many PM docs won't take a new patient without a referral from another doc or surgeon.
Good luck, Dave