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Back in the sixties, remember new age? :rolleyes: they had a lot of strange ways and different ways to heal pain. White noise involves using something, say a fan, or anything that is a steady noise, to keep your mind off of the pain. I used my overhead fan. Total silence is the worst when you are in pain. I find that if I can use white noise, such as the fan, it takes the edge off. If I am in total silence, I feel like the pain is felt with every heart beat. I am not sure what else can be used for white noise, but I am sure that there are other things out there.

For a while I used the fish aquarium but it drove me nuts. :eek:

Right now I am trying to find a med free way of dealing with the pain. It is not working. But, white noise was worth a shot. I think that I recall something about it being hypnotic. It would be the same theory as using Ketamine. That is a hypnotic drug that they use in children when they do surgery. It is also a club drug. So, I guess that it would fall into the same catagory as hypnosis, which also did not work for me.