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Do you have any idea about what has caused the nerve damage? It it the result of the condition that is being treated or secondary to the surgerical proceedure? Have you considered getting a second opinion from a neurologist or neurosurgeon?

Dealing with neuropathic pain is often a crap shoot but there are a varity of treatment options and self help measures that can reduce the severity of the symptoms that you're experiencing. Reducing your stress level, implementing relaxation techniques and preventing overactivity, as you've already figured out will help. A good physical therapist can teach you neuromoboliztion techniques, which aren't all that pleasant, but can be enormously beneficial and over time can likewise reduce the severity of your neuropathic symptoms. There are a variety of oral medications, if you're willing to tollerate some of the unfortunate side effects. A more conservative approach might include a topical analgesic or numbing agent such as lidoderm patches, ketamine cream, etc... Creams containing menthol & camphor are sometimes helpful, but my favorite non-prescription approach are creams containing capsaicin (a pepper). According to my neurosurgeon, who originally introduced me to capsaincin cream it takes about two weeks of continuous use (as directed) to achieve the full benefits and desired results, although it won't eleminate all of your symptoms it is one more thing that can potentially reduce your symptoms.

For additional useful tips and information you might consider checking out the "neuropathy" forum on this site. Good Luck! :)