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Has anyone used a compounded transdermal gel (e.g. Ketoprofen, Ketamine, Lidocaine, Amitripyline, Baclofen) for their pain? How well do the transdermal gels work to reduce pain? How much reduction in pain did you get from using the transdermal gel? Are there any side effects? I'm not sure which medicine works best for bone/nerve pain.

The options available are:
Ketoprofen 20%
Ketoprofen 10% / Baclofen 10%
Ketoprofen 10%, Ketamine 5%, Lidocaine 5%, Amitriptyline 2%

I have no experience with any of these meds and have never used a transdermal gel before.

Thanks for any information. :)

I just registered on this site specifically to put my two cents' worth in on this thread. I apologize that this post is likely to be fairly brief, as I'm typing it on my iPhone, and I'm not that fond of trying to type with my fat thumbs on this "keyboard".

I recently was prescribed a compounded transdermal gel from my pain doc. He sent the script directly to a pharmacy in Alabama called OPC (Optimal Pain Control). The primary ingredient is ketamine, but it also has cyclobenz., gabapentin, and several other ingredients in lesser quantities.

I have neuropathic pain due to congenital malformations/"entrapped nerve syndrome", and I've not had much luck over the past few years with anything helping with my pain other than opiates.

Long story short, the gel does indeed seem to work. The base is a kind of watery gel, which rubs into the skin within about 2 minutes of continually rubbing it into the area. Within 30 minutes of my first application of this gel (earlier this evening), I noticed a marked reduction in my pain level -- I'd say a 40% reduction.

Finally, I must add that I was extremely cynical before I tried this stuff. I had used the lidoderm patches and gotten no relief whatsoever from them. All the lidoderm did was numb my skin in the area; it did nothing for my deeper nerve pain.

I am truly surprised I'm getting any relief from this stuff at all. I still don't really understand how it works, but for me, it does seem to.
My creme is a compound of Ketamine, Ketoprofen, Iburofen, Amiltriptyline and Carbazapine. For me it works great! I have used it for 10 years and it has been a lifesaver for me. I am in Florida and with all the new laws, my rheumy has decided not to prescribe it with the Ketamine anymore. I got it last month and it does absolutely nothing. My next appointment I am going to be discussing it with him because I think it is ridiculous for not prescribing it. It's a topical creme for pete's sake!