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Hi all

I have degenerative disc disease plus spondyl(something or other, cant remember name off hand) and a bulging disc....all in my lower back. I havent seen the ortho Doc in over a year, because they wanted to do a discogram to find out which discs were causing what problems etc. Sorry to say I didnt want to have more pain added to the buttload I already have. But Im going back this month to the ortho Doc because its bad and seems to be getting worse again. There are times when I move wrong and my back goes out and for days I cannot stand or walk and have to crawl around. I do not want to do this discogram...realllllly dont. Any suggestions as to other ways they could figure out which disc is doing what?

Also I have been reading about disc replacement and was wondering if it has been approved here in the USA yet and if anyone here has had this procedure? From the looks of it Canada and Europe has been doing disc replacements for over 12 years now and with really good success rates. Ive also been doing research on fusion and the odds dont seem as/so good.

The ortho Doc said that my back was really horrible for someone only in their early 30s(I overheard him talking to some other docs) and that back then they wanted to fuse at least 3 discs in my lower back.(cant remember which ones they were tho offhand(I also have fibromyalgia so my memory sucks lol)).

So Im curious as to the pros and cons of both fusion and disc replacement. And am curious about the experiences of anyone who has had disc replacement.

Also I have been researching Ketamine and found that they are doing research with it and its effects on pain. They use it alongside a tranq to settle the mind down so there is minimum hallucinations. I was wondering if anyone has gone this way for treatment as well?

Anyways, thanks for reading and TIA for responding.