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Is this a Ketamine test? An IV is inserted and then you are given small doses of differant drugs, including a control, to see if Ketamine or one of the other drugs is effective. They need to see if you react to the Ketamine and if it is effective.
Again, I can't thank everyone for all of the replies I have received. Ya know, this stuff really is tiring...and with the holiday season here, it just does not get better. Shopping on Sat. & putting up the tree on Sun. has really caused my back to be mad. When I stand, and I did for a long time this weekend, I could feel a sensation of swelling in my lower spine, as well as the pressure feeling of pain in lower back and down right leg into foot...had a bad night..awake before 3 a.m...
I had a surprise in the mail on Fri. My P.M. Dr. had said he was going to arrange an appt. to the pain mgmt. dept. at a major university..about 100 miles from my home. Well, I received the notice saying had an appt. on the 21st of Dec. Wow...that was fast, just went to the P.M. Dr. last Mon...

Pooby, of course, I remember you...you got into trouble because of me, which I felt so bad about. Yeah, having pain on the opposite side of the problem area, does make things hard..Yes, I know about the pain coming in different areas at different times...and also the intermittent numbness I experience in my feet...and yes, laying in bed, causes the leg to ache into the outside of the ankle and foot...not fun..or good for trying to get to sleep. I have been so depressed about this entire thing. I agree that the radiologists, neuros, etc. do not look at the Mri's the same way, every MRI I have, has basically had a different problem!!! Some have herniation (with fragment) and 2 weeks later another MRI had that as a bulge....similar differences on the rest of the MRI's....scarry..!! Last week, my poor husband was diagnosed with lower spine herniation, as well as possible low thorax problem..he has to go for another MRI this week. The PM Dr. he saw was awsome. Things, my PM never said, test etc. were mentioned...and here I have been sitting for over 1 1/2 years with only the meds., and referral to a neurosurgeon who said I have compression symptoms, as well as hyperreflexia..but did nothing...

I do hope that there is some resolution down the road for you, in the meantime, we can keep trying out the drugs so see if one of them will help. I keep you in my thoughts...you have been so kind..

Feelbad....yes, I am in total agreement with you regarding the injections mentioned by my PM. Dr. I am not sure what the injection (s) my PM was talking about, but I agree, why would I want to subject myself to a placebo...if something has a hope of helping, that is ok, but just to see how I react to a placebo injection, I don't thing so. I think he wants the PM Dr. at the new Pain Mgmt. clinic to do this...NOT. I thank you for your reply...hope tht you have a good day..

Monty44....Just read your reply and am horrified...KETAMINE..yikes, isn't that the suff they use to kind of paralyze you during anesthesia for surgery??? Never heard of this test, but it could be....expecially as you describe using other meds..to see how they react...scary to imagine. BUT, this may be it...wow, have you had this injection? If so, where do they inject you? Did it work - or one of the injections?? What does the ketamine do? Does it paralyze the nerve or area of the spine where you are having problems???

Most important, if you have any improvement from this test, where do you go from there? Would they do more injections, or just give you the drug in pill form????

You may have answered my question...wow...thank you so much...hope you have a great day!!!

All of you have been so helpful...thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yes, I had the IV Ketamine test last year. When I was given the very small Ketamine dose, I had an hallucinagentic reaction and was disqualified from further testing. It has been found, that for some people, Ketamine in a very small dose works very well as a pain suppressant. The test is done with an IV in your arm, but if you have a successful reaction, (little or no pain), then you would be tested with a small oral dose. As I said, my reaction was like some kind of extreme high. I don't think I've ever been that high in my life! It only lasted for a few minutes because the dose was so small and they gave me something to counter it. I take Avinza twice a day with no reaction at all, so it isn't as if my body can't handle the strong stuff, but Ketamine wasn't for me. By the way, they do the tests with differant drugs, given randomely, so that you can't affect the outcome.
Wow Monty..
That ketamine is scarry stuff. I think that if this test is suggested for me, I will have to think long and hard on that one. I developed adrenal insuffiency from all of the epidurals, which have given me a lot of nasty problems, (hypoglycemia, tacacardia, and a lot of anxiety), I have been lucky, the adrenals seem to be recovering, BUT, I do not want to put myself in a position where all of those symptoms return. The thought of having the kind of experience you had is really frightening. BUT, if it works, wow..
I also am on some strong meds, which are not the extended release kind, so I have the ups and downs all day as the meds take effect, then wear off in a 4 or 5 hr. period. Not fun. This is one of the questions I have for the new pm doctors...can they please give me the extended release kind of meds. so that I will have continous coverage.
I wonder what other kind of drugs they gave you during this test you had. Were they given in the IV all during the same appointment? Or do you have to keep going back each time they tested a different medication. I really would like to seem like an informed patient if this test is mentioned. Also, if I know in advance what they do..how it's preformed..etc. I will be less likely to have a lot of anxiety.
I appreciate all of your help...thank you so much.

Hope you have a painless day...


P.S. Monty...I just reread your post..duh. sorry, you mentioned that they gave the i.v. in your arm..also, no other drugs because of your reaction. I swear, I read your post!! But, my brain just didn't register what you wrote...guess I was having a brainless moment..I am looking up info. on this test...thank you again for posting..you have helped me find out what it is called, and a lot of other info.