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I have severe panic as well, spent 5 years in my home before I could get help. I called the doctor who is doing this, he said it will take about 30 minutes? he is doing both side of the S1-L5 and using a heated electrode instead of a needle to burn the nerves. Since they know about my Panic problem, the last 2 Steriod injections they had to use (Versed & Ketamine) a general Anestesia. So they are going to use the same on this procedure. As long as I can answer them, which I did the last time, I only remember being in a castle on a cement slab facing a wall and lots of other people there too, on slabs as well, we did not talk, but I remember a nurse asking me if I could roll over onto the gurney. I looked down at the cement floor and said: NO! I'll fall!, I finally started seeing white sheets and realized where I was.
Well, They said thats the same meds they will use on me Thursday.
They said the Burning pain will last 2 weeks and will get worse over the first 3-5 days. and I will need something for pain if I don't have anything. I told them I am on the Fentanyl Patch and Oxycodone (which hasn't worked for a long time), but they said that should be fine.
How long will I be in recovery??? They didn't know or wouldn't tell me!

You have had almost he same procedure I am having. They do give me the Versed and the Fentanyl, but they do not work for me, so then they give me the Ketamine, so She said since he know's which nerves and has numbed then several times already, he is giving me a Mac anesthesia.
I do not have to be awake, but I do have to answer. just enough to know I am not totally out of it, just enough when the Doctor asks me how I am doing I can say "OK". THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR THIS MAN!!
He is New, practicing since 2005 and that scared me horribly, but now I have seen him a few times he has helped me more than my Spinal Surgeon! I have asked them twice and they cannot tell me how long recovery will be at the Surgery center, I am hoping you can give me an idea? My husband has been in the Hospital and is now in a rehab place and I have to have my Neighbor take me and it would be nice to let her know the time frame, I told her to just drop me off and come back and pick me up, But I don't know how long to tell her? Also, How long did your Burning get worse, before it got better?

[COLOR="Blue"]Well, I am down to my Oxycodone 10/325 @ 1 every 12 hours, Pm won't allow anymore than that. I had to go to my GP today and then back to my PM due to a severe allergic reaction to the Voltarin I was put on 10 days ago. On day 4 I told PM my legs and feet were swollen and he told me no, that it was just the way they were, I tried to tell him it wasn't. But by the time I took pill #10 and woke up this morning, my whole body looked like a balloon.
I got the letter stating I cannot take it, I gave a copy to the Pharmacy, PM, and the PM who is doing this RFA.
But my PM who prescribes my meds is very strict. Even when I had the kidney stone, it was "TOO BAD, IF YOU TOOK ONE FOR PAIN AND RUN SHORT, THATS YOUR PROBLEM!" (He doesn't have contracts either and does UA's all the time).
I called and talked to the ones who are doing the procedure and in there office an hour north of here, those patients don't get anything at all, not even a local. But here he does give us patients some sedation.
He talked to me for a bit and knowing my Panic attacks, he told me would see about giving me Ketamine and fentanyl again, since he has already done these nerves with ESI several times before. But as long as he can ask me if I am ok and I can answer yes or no, then when I do wake up, he said I won't remember anything.
But it is after 4am right now and I have to leave at 8:15 am, I am still scared. even if he does make me comfortable, then what??
PM is NOT-NOT-NOT going to give me anything for pain or discomfort. I only have my Oxycodone 10/325 like I mentioned = 1 every 12 hours! and it's NOT a long acting med either. Any Suggestions???.

PS= The reason I have 2 PM's is the first one I was sent too for Pain meds is so old he can't remember one visit from the next and I REFUSE to let him do ANY PROCEDURE on me! So HE sent me to this PM to have all my Procedures done, they do know each other, and the Procedure guy is very young, caring and very smart. I can trust him!

I just cannot understand why the pain med guy keeps saying if he gives me anything else, I will be too sedated?? GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!!!A PAIN BREAK .......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!I also have the Fentanyl Patch, but have been on it so long and never let him increase it, now I am stuck with one I can't even tell is there.