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Hello Everyone of you dear people

My daughter tried to post but either my computer was de-cookieized or something as she does not know my different pass word or username, and I had to try to remember where I wrote it down. So it was hard for me to find it, then I did (of course) and figured I may as well write instead of her.

I am home (day surgery) I feel horrible this is day 2. Feels like my neck has been fused to my back bone (the cancer was centre back, tween shoulder blades about what 3 inches below my skull. I cannot move my head, nor lay down long, or sit up long, or stand up long so what to do? I know walk sit like a robot and this whole thing just doesnt make me a happy camper. :eek:

it is 6:30 in the a.m. and already I am in pain. This HURTS the meds I was given are not that hot me thinks, as I have the allergy to codeine, and ASA so I was given something called Toradol 10mg (Ketorolac Tromethamine) duh-h-h

So I have no idea if it interferes with synthroid, and will have no idea on the actual cancer treatment and its effects with synthroid. Doctor here cannot answer me, must wait for the oncologist next week, but I am not slugging away so maybe it is allowing the synthroid to sort of work. I think JB asked one of our members here, but he has not come back me thinks...dunno I was not told much about stuff only to make sure I took the TD meds the morning of surgery. which was too long for my liking............ YUCK YUCK :confused:

Better go. Thankyou all again for being my friends and support team. I will always be a TD patient, but soon hope not to be a cancer patient. Think prayers, good vibes and what ever next Tuesday (7th) for both when the surgeon removes this mess on my back and maybe the pain will be decreased, and also that the appt at the other hospital goes as well as we can hope for.

Love Bonnie Lea not quite her usual :bouncing: :angel: self. Soon to be I hope.