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I posted this on PM site but the only response I got was from someone I think was mixing it up with tramadol (Ultram). I know a lot of you are here because of chronic pain issues, me, too, so maybe someone here has info.

Here's what I posted on PM:

I have chronic back pain/sciatica from ddd L4-S1. Tramadol gives me migraines and I can't take opiates (recovering addict). Today I got a toradol (ketorolac) injection and after much begging and pleading, got them to give me some pills to take home (you'd have thought I was asking for oxycontin!). They work great!!!! A bit of a stomachache but nothing too major.

I know that you aren't supposed to take them for more than 5 days, but I'm wondering how often you can take them? I mean if I take them for 5 days and stop, when can I take another 5-day course? Do I need to wait a week? A month? That's it for the rest of my life?!
Ketorolac or ketorolac tromethamine (marketed as Toradol) is an NSAID.
There is no opiate acitvity in this drug at all.