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Hollyday, I really empathize. I got hooked on hydro because of chronic pain. Now that I'm off I'm terrified I'm going to have to have surgery or something. I think the ultram is bringing out your hydro addiction again. I know when I was taking ultram I had to take more hydro to get high so there's a lot of crossover. Same receptors and all that.

Have you assessed your pain after you've been off of opiates (including ultram) for a while? I know for me and several here we've found that our pain has become less severe once we have been off drugs for a long period. Another option that I've been using is toradol (ketorolac), but it's really hard on the kidneys so they can only give it to you once in a while. Sorry if I'm telling you a bunch of stuff you already know.

These drugs do a number on us, and they open the door for that self-talk that we are weak, lying and worthless and therefore why not just use. It's the inner addict trying to get her fix.

I never really liked ultram, though I do get high off it, and it makes me crave hydro. I think it was the hardest thing in my pill cabinet I got rid of, because it was the drug of last resort that I could take for really bad pain. But recently in w/d I would have taken it even though it makes me feel like hell when it wears off. So I had to just tell myself, the pain, I'll deal with that if and when it comes up, but this stuff, I can't keep it in the house.

If you have other options I would try them. I would talk to your doctor if you can. Ultram is bad news for us narcotic addicts, and you seem to be getting to the bad news now.