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Hello "Klutz" I mean CarKen, My disctomy was the L5-S1. I am on pain meds "vicodine, Valium and Ketorolac. I didn't want to go back on the morphine or oxycontin. Sorry to hear of your fall and hope the MRI gets to the bottom of your pain. The thought of fusion scares the heck out of me. I'll get my results tomorrow and take it one step at a time. Today I feel like my calf was run over and that lovely piriformis muscle that's deep in my buttock is still very tight putting pressure on my sciatic nerve . It also feels like my hip is out of joint and feels like I have a broken ankle and can't put much pressure on my right leg. My sister is 56 and she has back problems from being over weight along with having both knees replaced and one has failed her so she now is stranded to a wheel chair and on a lot of meds and has given up. I am not going that route, I'm a fighter and have many productive years left in me. I hope you are well and yu all will be in my thougts.

Good Luck and let me know what happens,