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Hi Bob & other friends on the board,

I was just wondering what meds you take for pain mng./spine health etc...

(I'm 4 weeks post-op from dbl.acdf)

I take 32 pills a day now! 12 are Gabapentin. (3600mgs total) I just began Ketorolac (sp?) 3 a day, 1 Welbutrin, 1 Zopiclone for sleep along with 1 Melatonin for good measure. :yawn:
Then there's my Synthroid, bone builder suppliments, Citrical, Glucosomine/Condroiton,multi.vitamin...

I can't remember the rest which is probably from all the pill popping! :rolleyes:
I was taking Vicodin, Propoxi-something...anyway, different narcotics but the side effects caused too many problems so I quit those.

I still really struggle with the pain. The Gabapentin was started 3 months prior to surgery & brought my constant 7-9(pain scale) headache down to 3-5 constant.
This week the new Ketorolac has taken the edge off hip pain (from surgery) that had been making me cry at times it was so bad. It's way better now & a bit of relief from arm & neck/back pain but not much.
Gab. just went from 2700mgs to 3600 a couple days ago so we'll see if that helps.

Well, anyway....I just wondered what y'all take & what works for you.

I'll look forward to hearing back.

Your Invisible Friend,
Jackie :wave:
Hello Notpain,

I've read your posts b4 & understand you are more into the natropathic route. Close to half of the pills I take are nutritional supplements from some friends I have that run a n.sup. company.
*I showed them to my family doctor b4 taking them.* He said they might help. I trust my doctor. He is also a pain mng. specialist.
The other drugs I am taking are not toxic. Gapapentin is Gaba which is already found in the brain & adding more of it was found to stop siezures in epileptics & consequently it was also discovered to relieve nerve pain. What a blessing.

Ketorolac is an anti-inflamitory & if you've ever had a dbl.acdf w/hip surgery you would know the need for an anti-inflamitory!

If you've ever been trying to heal from major surgery & the pain keeps you up all night...then you'd understand the need for a sleeping pill. Nobody is able to heal without sleep!

Not that I need to justify what I take to anyone. I only say this for those out there who might feel any guilt or weakness at all for needing to take perscription drugs. These boards are not for soap boxes. They are for people helping people & the information shared on them should not be taken in place of the advice of one's medical doctor(s).

Your heart is in the right place & I am not that sensitive, Notpain. However, in your passion to avoid traditional medicine's shortfalls & tout the benefits of natural suppliments & treatments, you might adversly affect some other patient less tough skinned than I am.
Telling anyone they are taking poison is not very nice & NOT very helpful.
Everyone on these boards should be trusting their physicians while at the same time learning all they can about their condition. We should be partnering with our medical doctors so that at the end of the day....we have the most possitive outcome.

Be careful of your wording, though your intentions are well meaning, you may end up doing more harm than good.

Take care,
Jackie H
:wave: i finally had my surgery on tues. 28th. i was only in there overnite. the only real pain i am in is my hip. it was so excruciating to walk at first. today it is more tolerable. also my neck down to the middle of my spine really throws me for a loop sometimes. i am grateful i finally had my surgery. i am looking forward to healing & getting back to my life. i was going to ask about the ketorolac, what is it & what kind of relief does it offer? the darvocet i am taking isn' t doing a whole lot for me & i cannot take anything w/ codeine as i get violently sick.
thanks & take care.
mitchie :)
Hi Mitchie,

Welcome home. 'Seems like yesterday I was just there. I'll pray for you today. The hip is difficult. My 1st week I used a wheelie-walker & felt like a little old street lady but it got me around & about. (Rental from a med. sup. store.)
2nd week on I've steadily improved for the most part.

My limp is gone & I only have occasional reminders it was done. The neck, upper back & right arm are still quite painful. The Ketorolac seems to really help with no constipation & nightmares like you get from the narcotics. YOu just have to coat your tummy when you take it with milk, yoghert, icecream, cake....yum...I making my self hungry. Maybe I'll go shove a ketorolac into a bagel & cream cheese right now??? :D

We just have to be super patient with the healing process. It really takes time, I'm learning.

You take good care, Mitchie & keep us posted.

Jackie :wave:
P.S. Mitchie,

forgot your question. Ketorolac is a strong anti-inflamitory that both my GP & Neurosurgeon suggested. :)