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Hey there Bob,

I'm OK, I guess. I thought the ketorolac was dealing w/the hip pain well until I sneezed 3 times this morning & let out a loud OWWW :eek: each time. The pain radiated from my hip all the way down to the middle of my FOOT! Ached for an hour after.

My surgeon just said he prefered the odds of hip bone with a dbl.acdf & I didn't argue cuz if I was gona do this I wanted to have the best odds possible for fusing. I'm glad yours did! I didn't remember that yours was a dbl.1st time! Wow. You are experienced aren't you?!?

I'm a little discouraged because my right arm pain is just as bad as before the surgery even tho much of the other areas of post-op pain is starting to diminish...right arm is not at all. :confused:
The main reason I had the surgery was to get use of my right arm back.
Monday will be 5 weeks & the docs said I would see relief at 6. I guess I thought if the other stuff was getting better my right arm would follow. Hope I don't have permanent nerve damage from waiting so long to have the surgery.

Anyway, I have to hold out hope so I'll hang in there. You've been so encouraging, Bob. I really appreciate it.

1 thing I'm excited about is that I'm trying silicone adhesive strips on my neck scar. I've read awesome things about them on Epinions. They are supposed to shrink the "rope" that's under it & cause it to turn white. I guess plastic surgeons have been using silicone for years to do this so.....we shall see.
They don't stick well is the only bad thing. Necks just move too much . I'm trying medical tape but considering duct tape. hehe..just kidding. ;)

I think we should all promote trusting our doctors once we've chosen them. (Unless they give us reason to think otherwise.) It is important for a possitive outcome. I'm glad you agree.

I stay home mostly. But today I got to go to an ice show with Kurt Browning & Katia Gordeava & Elvis Stoyko etc... We bought the tickets b4 I knew I was having surgery. The arena let me in early so my husband could get me to my seat b4 the crowd.
What a treat to be out of the house & dressed with make-up on, hair done. Yippeeeeeeee.

Better let you go. Thanks again for asking about me, Bob. I hope you're having a good day, too.

Jackie :)