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Dear Backinthesaddle,

I'm 5 weeks post-op from a dbl. C5-6-7 with plating & bone from my hip. I only feel a little better so don't feel too anxious. Still on pain meds, Gabapentin & often Ketorolac.

Key comment for you is...ask your doc. for Zopiclone or Lunesta to get you to sleep. No residual grogginess in the morning. I love it. I was up all night with the pain & Zopiclone (here in Canada, Lunesta if in the US,) has changed my life. How can we heal if we cannot sleep? I also show no signs of addiction & have been on it since November...I only need 1 low dose pill.
This is my best advice for you. Sleep is so important.

Keep up the hope. BobM said it took him way longer & many others here as well.
Don't let them work you too hard either & go home if you can't take it. You just had major surgery. Heck, you probably still have a bit of the anesthisia hanging on in your brain. ;)

Take care.

JackieH :wave: