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:) Hello Guys
Its been a long time since i last posted.. well I tried Topamax but didnt do any good on the contrary i felt (and probably acted) so crazy LOL... so i decided to stop taking it and well HA continued-

back on june I was on vacation in mexico and got this horrible migraine and went to the pharmacy and the doc there prescribed Ketorolac..
dont know if anyone here has used it, but it was like the greatest miracle for me. I had tried imitrex before and it made my stomach sick and the ha was just worse, well this ketorolac i took it and within the hour i was feeling great.
I have been taking this since june (not everyday just when i get the migraine HA) and it has been the only thing that helps. its a 10mg little pill that works wonders!! Plus it doesnt make me sleepy- its just great!!
So i just stoped by to tell you'all about it, and maybe ask ur doctor about it.