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Hope you are feeling better and have the pain under control. To share what really worked for me; after my bunion surgery, my dr. gave me a 4 day supply of a non-narcotic, anti-imflammatory pain med which I found worked quite well and that my sensitive stomach tolerated with absolutely no problem, even on an empty stomach. It is called Ketorolac Tromethamine. It relieved any pain I was having within 30 minutes. A few times I supplemented this with extra strength Tylenol and also before bed, half of an over the counter sleep aid (I checked with my dr. first and he said this was perfectly fine). This way I got a good night's sleep in those first few difficult days. So this, along with elevation and ice on my ankle-30 minutes on/30 minutes off during waking hours made things pretty comfortable. Food for thought anyways. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery!:)