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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and was on Remicade for several months. It is horrendously expensive. My insurance paid most of the cost. My deductible amounted to $30 per treatment. The doctors office told me it was around $7,500 per IV session. I am on Celebrex and Methotrexate. Remicade works terrific. It does even shrink the nodules on some people. Unfortunately for me in the end I had a reaction to it. Scary. Tightness in chest, pressure in neck, chest and head. Sort of like what I have heard about a heart attack. Scared the doctor and staff too. LOL

I am now on Kineret. This is an injectible that I do once a day. I am not enthused about giving myself a shot but this stuff works terrific for me. Whether it is good for you or not would be up to your doctor. It is less expensive. I pay a deductible of $50 per month. It costs the insurance company about $1,150.

Anymore info on these two needed feel free to ask. I will help if I can.

Lonnie Miner
Irminer, please tell me more about the drug Kineret, I am on MTX now and looking at raising the dose the next time I go to the rheumy and would like to know of any side effects.