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Aloha to All, :wave:

I just thought that I would put my two cents in here, really...and not the usual $2.76 I put in when I say I am going to put my two cents in. Anyway, having said that, I had my surgery on 02/20/04, I was 238 when they weighed me in the pre-op prep room. When I was well enough to walk around and put my self on the ole scale at home right after surgery, I was down to 226, I though to myself, what a way to lose weight.

But I think you all know where this is going, I am not taking amitriptyline, but I am still taking Oxycontin, Neurontin, Klonopin and, when I over do it at PT, Vicodin.

I was in my doctor's waiting room this last Friday and I seen a scale, I couldn't resist, so I climbed aboard. I knew I was gaining weight; it’s kind of hard not to notice it when you are cinching the straps on your corset and you can see the previous buckle indentations on the straps going east. Well, the damn scale had to have been busted, that's all there is to it, cause it said I weigh 246. That can’t be right…can it? :rolleyes:

I do not have a car, I do a lot of walking, I have to walk to the bus stop and then back home again from PT…lots of walking, it doesn’t seem like I have been eating all that much either, so I’m thinking that this scale was just in storage waiting to get recalibrated…ya that’s it, that’s got to be it. I’m hoping that’s what it is. ;)

Well, ok I lied…so I did go up to $1.27…sorry guyz.

Weight gain, just what we need to compensate for our weak backs.

Good Luck to All, and God Bless,