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Aloha All,

Man you guys are really making me feel like a wimp :( . At a little over five months post-op I am still unable to make it through my day without any meds. My doc switched my long acting pain meds around a couple of weeks ago because I told him that I was unable to make it through the day without taking 3 or 4 breakthrough pain meds (Vicodin) on top of the10mg of Oxycontin I was taking twice a day, I am also taking 2400mg of Neurontin a day. He switched me over to Avinza, a 24-hour release Morphine. It was a difficult transition as it made me feel really loopy (even more so than usual :dizzy: ) and ohhh the constipation. I am just now getting back to some resemblance of normal as far as my GI problems are concerned. I really haven’t noticed any change in my pain levels though, I am thinking that maybe my doctor makes a little more off of the Avinza prescriptions.

When I returned from the hospital I was taking 30mg of Oxycontin twice a day, 2 Percocets every four hours, Klonopin, and 1600mg of Neurontin a day, so I guess I have tapered off a little bit (with the exception of the Neurontin). I am thinking that because I was taking so much, this may have created its own problem and is one of the reasons I still need or at least feel the need to take so much narcotics. I cannot wait until I am able to harness the occasional pain with OTC meds, actually, I am wondering if that day will ever come.

Posting…especially when the subject matter relates to outcomes to our personal experiences of surgery good or bad, is a delicate matter for me…no, really, it is. I do not want any of my posts to scare someone into changing their mind if they have decided to have surgery, on the other hand, I am not going to try and convince someone that they should have surgery either. Writing about my experience is theraputic for me, if it imparts some information that helps someone for the better I am all for it. I just posted a reply for someone who is considering surgery and it went something like this: “Out of ten stories of a successful outcome it only takes one bad story to negate the ten good ones”. I don’t want my story to be that one bad one. I have said many many times that I have no regrets for having surgery, but at the same time, the peaks and valleys that some of us go through after surgery can be very trying to say the least. People do not understand the world of chronic pain unless they have lived through it. It is a lonely world as much as it is a painful world. Surgery, for the most part has not helped me out of that world as of yet, however, I still hold hope. I am much better off than before surgery, but I really had high hopes that I would be much farther along by now than I am. I keep on telling myself that it could be worse, I could have lost my sense of humor :D …I had ya going there for a minute didn’t I?

In closing I certainly agree with yawl, the meds dull the pain, but you are without doubt mindful of it. Pain is a powerful thing…very powerful.