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Hi there! Thanks for your response. I have tried a few different meds so far. First my PCP put me on Klonopin (short term), then Requip, now I'm on Permax. I stopped taking the Permax a day or so ago and just went back to taking the Flexeril. Although it makes me a little sleepy, I think it helps some. Everything seems to help some, at the beginning, then the effect wears off. We'll just keep in trying.

Thanks again for your response!
I was diagnosed with Restless Legs and I have tried everything from Nuerontin to a couple of others that I forgot the name of but I have that Klonopin has become the answer for me. It is wonderful!!!! I can sleep when my back let's me! But it's not my legs anymore. I would recommend this medication to anyone!!!! I hope it helps! :wave:

I have been taking Klonopin at night, when needed. The other meds, Requip and Permax haven't helped. I agree the Klonopin does help when my legs are keeping me awake but what I need is to try to find a solution during the day. I have been walking on my treadmill and that seems to help some. Then other days it seems to make it worse. I have found that caffeine definately makes it worse. About a 1/2 hour after drinking any caffeine my legs act up. It's very frustrating. My dr is in the process of trying to figure out what to do. I called last week and he's still "thinking it over". I am already tired of trying different meds but I hope to find one that helps soon.

As crazy as it sounds, Vicodin helps incredibly. I hear that it deafens the nerves. I hate to take Vicodin all the time but that's what keeps me sane. Sometimes I feel like my legs have ADD.

Thanks again for any comments/advice on this. I hope to hear more!