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Suggi, my heart goes out to you. ((lots of hugs)) You certainally must be a tough lady!
as for the anxiety issue. well, my gastro has strongly recommended that I get back on something for depression to help with that . as well as has my gyn. and family phys.
I just feel like im taking so much stuff right now that I dont want to do another pill and all this stuff has its own bad side effects. let alone combining the big concoxtion together! I have nexium 2x day, klonopin (anxiety), reglan 3x (gerd/IBS)...fibercon tabs. 2 calcium & vit D a day( osteopenia) allegra (allergy). alora hrt( hormones due to hysterectomy for enodmetriosis) and stopped taking zelnorm too many cramps.
Im just sick and tired of being sick n tired! and I wish it would all go away!!!!
Im so glad I have you all to whine and vent to ! :)