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I posted awhile back, about my MRI results. I found out that I have herniations at L3, L4 and L5-S1 is bulging. I read the new report after second MRI, and what a mess. PT makes it worse, and I am totally used to the dilaudid although it does relieve my pain when its not thatbad. Somedays are better than others and I think I am just getting used to it. I hate driving or even sitting it this darn computer. I feel like my purse is a Pharmacy... LOL It is rediculous the amount of medications I have. I tried a 4 day Prednisone Prescription... didn't make a diffference either way but it hasn't sent me to the ER in tears since I have had it so it must have helped. I take 1 skelaxin a day, with the 6 4mg dilaudid taken either 3 at once twice a day or 2 at once 3x a day. I had a brief stint with Duragesic only to find they do not stick to my skin. It's nuts. On top of that I take Effexor XR 150, Klonopin 1mg, and Strattera 80mg. I feel like a freak. I have unfortunately due to my back pain, cut out my psych meds for some time now and got barked at when I told them I quit because it might actually help me from getting depressed or frustrated with this. I guess that I am just stuck with this. I think my pain is better only to wake up and take no meds when pain is minimal, then by the afternoon I can't stand it anymore. I try to go without them once in awhile just to see if I can do it and I just can't. I hate the thought of PT because everytime I go, it makes things 10x worse. Not to mention it is one more thing on the schedule. I have not quit working as I am a per diem counselor aide at a drug rehab. I don't work all that often. I bring my little lumbar pillow and make sure I don't sit for that long. It is difficult with the meds I am on because most of the opiate addicted clients realized I have something wrong and usually ask. I just tell them a back ache, and I take ibuprofen and smile. Taking care of my 8 month old is a bit challenging because she crawls all over the place, but the meds atleast help me to take care of her. My husband is supportive and does all he can but he is just as sick of it as I am. I go back to my Doc on the 30th, I am going to ask for a referral to a specialist because a family practice at a big hospital is just too frustrating. Doc isn't there all the time, so you never know who you are going to see. It varies. Until my MRI I wasn't taken seriously because I am young and shouldn't hurt that bad. I am sorry for venting but I am sure all of you know my frustration. Thank you all for listening and I hope those of you in pain feel better. I am ready to get this healed and I am not a patient person and that makes it worse. I am trying to be. I hope you all have a good day and wish me luck at work.. as I have clients who are just DYING to know what is in my purse. LOL ... I just don't say anything. I can't divulge that to them... it would be like chinese water torture...ha ... Hope you reply.... you can vent to me as well... I would love to hear your frustrations as well as I know how it is......

Take Care............. Kelly :)