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Vickie, that's some story! I am glad you're ok but that doesn't change the fact that you (and I) get these awful pains. Do you get them radiating to your back like I do though?

Also you say you can't take proton pump inhibitors but what about the milder things like Zantac? What happened when you took the PPIs that you can't take them anymore?

Thanks for the reply. I find it interesting that they call the pains spasms and that xanax works for them. I have klonopin here but never took it (just for anxiety "emergencies" which never happen).
Actually.. before I was experiencing alot of anxiety, my GI suggested the AD and said it has helped with some people and that nitrates don't really do much... also.. honestly, I would really give nexium a try. I had horrible side effects on protonix and aciphex, but the nexium has done absolutely nothing as far as side effects and has done exactly what it's supposed to do for reflux...I wouldn't even know I have taken it except for the relief... the thing is, if reflux is causing more and more nerve damage, you really need something to control it.. I know diet isn't good enough... I tried changing my diet, and while it helped, it didn't give me the relief I have found with nexium. Have you been scoped? Not to scare, but if you are having constant reflux I would worry about Barrett's... I have a patch of it very high up in my esophagus for some reason :confused: ...anyway, I hope they find something if the xanax is wearing off.. have they suggested another benzo maybe? Klonopin or Activan? Or something like skelaxin or flexeril? Except that I guess there is a difference between smooth muscle relaxants and things for like your legs and such...

I'm so scared about using benzo's though to cure it because the feeling of not having my esophagus constricted constantly would be too addicting and the drugs are so addicting as is... Has anyone talk to you about esophageal stretching?? I think I read somewhere that this may help for esophageal spasms and contriction....