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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]birden....

This is how (terrible) my Hiatal Hernia feels....

It feels like my stomach, (right in the center of my upper abs), is like a huge water balloon, about to burst, tummy feels tight, have had real bad shortness of breath with it too, at times, will sometimes feel like I can't draw in a normal deep breath, like somethings blocking it....the pain will also, (most of the time), be under my sternum as well, and sometimes it spreads up into my chest, or goes straight through to my back, right behind my stomach. Sometimes my upper abs feel all cramped up...and taking a Klonopin has helped that.

Oh YES!!!!!...it sure does bother my throat!! I'm always telling my husband about how it often makes my throat feel....the lower part of my throat aches, real bad at times, along with the stomach pain...it feels like it's being "pulled downwards", or something....like it being grabbed, and pulled down. Or a heaviness at the bottom of my throat. So difficult to describe. What does YOUR throat feel like...I'm curious??

Sometimes I feel a tugging sensation in the middle of my abs, more towards the sides...and funny sensations in my waist area. So weird. And another weird thing is....it doesn't always hurt! I was just telling my husband, right before I got on here and saw your post...that I wonder why some days it hurts so darn badly, and other days NOT!!!??? :confused: Today I had no pain or discomfort, and yesterday it was hurting almost the whole day, and even felt worse as the day went on. When it hurts bad, birden, it's very uncomfortable being on this computer, as you know how we tend to slump a little....you have to keep your abs really, really straight....perfect posture. My posture is great when I'm standing, but I do tend to slump some whenever I'm on my computer.

I take Prilosec 2 x a day....every 12 hours....low acid diet..no coffee whatsoever, tomatoes, onions, peppers, salsa, etc....in other words, a very bland, [boring] diet. Keep your posture as straight as possible. I can no longer sleep on my stomach....it makes it feel sore, or like something's about to break. :(

When mine gets real bad, (often), I put a large ice pack on it. Something I did recently, after I told a good friend about it, and she has one too and she told me she did this and it helped her.....I went and bought some Mallox, and started taking that 4 x a day....2 teaspoons at a time. I took this for 3 weeks...and started feeling better. It really has seemed to help...but I do still have bad days. I have cut it down now to only 2 teaspoonfuls late at night, as it was interferring with my thyroid meds. (the aluminum in it) I also had some gastric ulcers, and it helped that too, I'm sure.

When mine hurts birden, I feel like standing up, and bending my torso backwards, like arching my back, pushing OUT my front....and I do that often too. It sucks real bad having this, and sometimes I get really upset thinking I will have this dang thing the rest of my life!!!! Oh...another thing I have definitely noticed.....getting upset and stress makes it worse. One day it was barely hurting, and I got real upset over something, and the pain went from like a 2 to an 8 in a matter of seconds.....so try to keep calm.

Please tell me...describe to me how yours feels....everything...please. Oh,..and for a long while, it hurt to wear a bra, and I mean it hurt bad!! I'm not sure if that was the HH, or the GERD?? I have seen it mentioned on this board a few times tho.

Oh...another thing that brings on that pain.....pants that are too snug in the waist, or ANYTHING too snug. Even my bras have to be kind of loose.....I had to put 2 inch extenders on them. Fortunately, the bra pain is so much better....so not sure what caused that. Oh, and don't know if this is from the HH, or from the GERD, but sometimes I get a little wheezing in my windpipe? Don't know though...as my acid reflux has not been bothering me.

It will be interesting to read how other people describe how their HH's feel too. I think it would help (possibly, get more replies) if you put "need advice on hiatal hernias" in your subject line....maybe?

Please let me know the details on your pain too...I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Hope it gets better some day, for everyone who suffers with this. It's awful, isn't it?