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Hi, I have the same problem as you. When I take the Klonopin (similar to valium) it relieves the symptoms a little but my breathing still remains the same, very poor. It is a muscle relaxant so it is relaxing your esophageal muscles so that the tension in your throat is not there. Does it make you sleepy? My problem is taking klonopin in the day makes me tired and then if I take it for extended periods and stop I get withdrawls.
I also wondre if the PPI's are helping. I have been on them for only 3 months. I know I have some triggers such as Chocolate....
What else do you think can cause this.... I take Klonopin as well for stress.
The breathing issue is by far the worst.
That is very interesting .... I also would love to hear of people who have cured their LPR. I really hate the PPI's. I take the Klonopin from all the anxiety of the breathing ... it causes me lots of stress.