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I have the same exact problem...it started in NOV and has ruined my quality of life. I feel as if my throat is so tight...I also have asthma but this feels different, it feel like I cannot get the breath through my throat. I see a specialist in NY and do breathing exercises, I also take Aciphex. I take Klonopin for hte anxiety this has caused me. I have also been to the ER and everything checked ok. I hope that eventually I get relief from this because It's killing me...I've been to more doctors this year then I have in my whole life! :confused: With no help yet.
I do steer clear of certain foods like Chocolate...I take enzymes, sleep with a humidifier, anything that can help.
Part of it int he begining was I would throw myself into such panic attacks thinking I was going to stop breathing...it's so scary. Now I try not to panic as much about it, but it's still very uncomfortable.