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[QUOTE=awsam007;3030115]Hello everyone. Happy Thursday. Today I had my 6 week post-op appt. My fusion is looking good, fusing ahead of schedule. I love good news! I am still having a great deal of pain though, which my doctor says is perfectly normal, he said I should start to feel back to normal (little or no pain) within 3-6 months (post-op). Since my surgery I have been alternating percocet (10/325) and lortab (10/500) every 4 hours. Today my doctor gave me a script for oxycontin (20 mg). He told me to take one oxycontin pill every 12 hours and he also gave me more percocet - I can take up to 3 percocet pills a day for breakthrough pain. Anyone else taking the oxycontin? Does it work well? Any bad side effects?

Thanks so much!!!! You guys truly rock!

Shannon, I had a Hemi-Laminectomy 5 months ago and I am still on Lortab 7.5/500 4 x daily and I start Klonopin for the nerve pain today. Lortab and Demerol inkections is all I have ever used and Irefused Oxycontin because I had to watch someone I care about go through withdrawal fron oxy..after taking it for & months after a broken Femur. It was very hard to stop taking...I have been on Lortab now for 9 months for moderate to severe leg pain, even after surgery althought on a reduced dose I have had to continue this..If I were In you shoes I would ask the doc for maybe a Fentanyl Patch and use percocet for breakthrough, although you will still have to wean off percocet and lortab they are much easier to stop..And please don't try going cold turkey on either drug because it will be very hard and make you very ill
Best of Luck K