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I also have esophageal spasms. I don't take Librax I take Klonopin to help relax it but I am wondering if hte LIbrax works for you?
Mine are mainly in by esophagus by my larynx but i recently started getting htem in my chest as well, it's a horrible feeling like you are having a heart attack!
I also take aciphex. I have not had relief from anything as of yet, but I am going to see my 4th GI in a few days! haha I'm insane from all this!
Hi Everyone, thanks for the feedback. I have been taking the Klonopin when I have an attack and that seems to help, I just wish I could avoid them all together! I take Aciphex 2x's a day. I also have the symptom of s hortness of breath and was told that is from esophagitis.
I had a terrible spasm the other day and totally felt like I was having a heart attack except it was on the wrong side of the chest! haha Thank God or I would have been in the ER like a mad woman! I popped a Klonopin and it seemed to come it down a bit.
I'm gong to my 4th GI today... I am always hoping one of them knows more then the other...no such luck so far!