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Hi All,

If you have read my past postings, you know I had a severe L5/S1 nerve root compression from a almost completely ruptured disc. I had ESI's 3 times, took numerous step down steriods over and over, PT, TENS Unit etc etc. I finally found myself unable to move, bathe, use the toliet and in a wheelchair.
Finally I was sent to a surgeon, this all began in Aug 06 and I did not see him until 11/06. He sent me for a MRI (I had only a ER cat scan). He then said I needed a discectomy ASAP and that I was compressed so long it may or may not work. BY this time the pain was uncontrollable as was the numbness and weakness. No reflexes etc.... They scedhuled surgery for 1/12/07, it was uneventful and I went home.Turned out to be a Hemi-Laminectomy. The severe pain was not there anymore, but there was a nagging ache that still required medication (narcotic) The surgeon said I should improve some overtime but not completely. At my 12 week check I was still in pain, numb and miserable and the numb and weakness was worsening. I was still not permitted to drive, bend, step up etc. I took weeks of PT and used narcotics and TENs Units.
I am almost 6 months post op,Still no driving, twisting, bending,steps etc. On May 21 I was rushed to ER with no lower extermity control, and severe pain. They repeated a MRI, treated me conservatively and sent me right to my surgeon that day. He then nformed me this was it, all there was and the best it was going to get.He said there was irreversable nerve damage and severe scar tissue surrounding the L5/S1 nerve root. To just get used to it and take pain meds and suffer. I went back to my PCP and told him what was said. He said never say never because chronic pain can get better, he has seen it happen many times over time..and I just needed to be comfortable. He then suggested I try Klonopin, he said many try it with no sucess because the start dose is to small for nerve pain, and he said since I was on Ativan for Panic and Anxiety Disorder this would be better for that too.
He started me on 0.5 mgs 4 x day the first and second day and I was very sleepy, then up to 1 mg 4 x day and then 1 and 1/2. Over the past few days my nerve pain is much much less. I can move faster, Get on my hands and knees, Take a shower without hurting, manuver in my bed from side to side and back so much better and the need for narcotics is much much less as a whole. Knock on wood that this will continue,,but for me Klonopin has made a very big difference. I dont know how many of you have used it or tried it with or without success, but the larger dose than usual (but still within safe limits with room to adjust) has made a big difference in my life.
I had tried Elavil and it along with Nerurontin or gabitril 9Lycria) made me so sick. I have a disease called porphyria, (Hereditary Ditty that causes P-450 Cytochrome deficency to break down certian drugs and chemicals) that does not allow me to process certian meds through my liver and those are a few of them. Also word of caution !!!!!!
Anyone here who takes Lasix or an Alpa or Beta blocker who goes to an ER with any nasuea, please do not allow them to give you Zofran (onldanstron) or its counterpart Anzemed (Dolestron). I have taken Zofran before but the other night I went it with a severe Hemiplegic Migrane (yeah another Hereditary ditty) and they gave me Demerol, Ativan and Zofran and I am on Lasix and a Beta Blocker (clearly on record) and the electrical impulses in my heart went beserk, scared the @!#* out of me. It got pretty bad. I cam home search the drug and found a red flag (severe conflict) between thwe drugs and my Lasix and Beta Blocker. ER docs never pay attention to cross reactions or counter indications, Heck half the time they do not even look at the list of Meds you take or look at possible contradictions within the drug groups.
Anyway I know this is long but if this helps just one person I felt the responsibility to tell you all, you have all been so supportive of me during this very hard time in my life (knock on Wood this will keep working as it has).
I would love any feedback on this drug if any of you have tried it...Best wishes to all of you and I do indeed wish you the very very best,

Take Care and I am hoping for some feedback on this as I am very curious if this has helped others or is even being used for nerve pain..Thanks in advance to all of you here KOC;)
[QUOTE=yvette777;3046002]Many of us here are put on valium and it acts as a duo kinda for muscle relaxor and anxiety and stress. Love that. But they have me on xanax. It does help me relax but I am given it for depression and anxiety.
yvette777,Clover66,Moldova and MomaKitKat.(Thanks for your replies)
I too took Valium 10 mgs 3 x a day. It did help the small compenent of muscle pain that I actually had and calmed me very well. I did not have no where near the amount of muscle pain as I did nerve pain, in fact it was really all nerve pain. They stopped the Valium and put me back on Ativan 1mg 2x daily with was like taking water after the Valium. I had been taking it for years for Panic and Anxiety Disorder. And recently he decided to try thr Klonopin after I told him what the Neuro said and that they nerve pain and numbness was awful and the Ativan was no longer even contolling the anxiety and panic I have had for over 10 years. He said Klonopin was a very safe drug and in the class of Benzodiazapines it was much stronger then Xanax, Ativan and Valium and had the ability to address nerve pain in many patients taking the drug so I agreed. Its inexpensive and after taking Elavil and all the others this drug has given me incredible improvement. I have been taking it since the 8th of June and I have no more numb toes or feet or heel (Knock on wood hard!!) The pain is down from a 6-7 to a 1-3, No knee numbness, I can sleep at night, I can move around faster and step up. I also got on my hands and knees for the first time other then for a ESi since August 06. I also turned without assistance to my right side and slept. I can move faster, longer and better. and none of this happened including sitting up for more than 5 minutes..when I started this incredible little yellow pill. I realise that different things work for different people and there are always extenuating circumstances to evryones case, but I felt the need to pass this info along and if it could help just one of you I would be elated. I relate through and through to all of you. The pain of a ruptured disc especially a bad one compressing nerves and the resulting sciatica is horrific to say the least and someone who has not experenced it has not the foggist idea how it feels..I have heard from family and friends many times over "Oh come on now! It can't be that bad its just a backache!"...I wanted to kick them in theirs..The pain is the worst I have ever felt..I told the doc I would rather give birth to 10 babies one behind the other than to feel that pain. And as for my neuro saying I will neber be pain free, Well Maybe I won't but maybe I will, and I have decided to adopt a positive attitude and take each day as it comes and enjoy life the the fullest extent possible evn if i have to be in bed because I hurt that day, I can always read a good book to my daughter or watch a movie with her or just plain cuddle...I am not going to let this beat me...I am going to work hard to beat it. But I do hope some of you already on Benzo's EG: Valium, Xanax, Ativan etc will ask your PCP or pain Doc about Klonopin as it is one that is indicated in pain caused by nerve damage... If I can help anyone by passing along a small piece of info to lose some of their pain and suffering that would be a gift all on its own

I wish you all the best now and in the future, You have all been a great source of support and encouagement to me on the board. I am not so new to the boards. I was here many years ago and even moderated for a while and I truely enjoyed helping others as well as knowing I too could learn from the knowledge of others. So from the heart best of blessings to all of you..Keep in touch and keep posting!!!!! KOC (Betty) (Using my sis's comp so I use her ID till I go back home, with her permission of course...):wave: PS: These boards have come a long way and have always been a great source of help and support for many many people