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Thanks Stimi, for the reply! It has helped me.

The Pine Nut Oil.... I dont believe it numbs my throat, no. It has completely stopped the reflux, period. I would get BAD LP reflux ( laryngeal/pharngeal), coughing, choking, and yes, the waking up at night sometimes... troubles with breathing, swallowing, burping after eating the smallest amount of anything, etc. I was in a great deal of discomfort for a large percentage of the time and this seriously did alter my quality of life (as I am sure it does for you and others on here).

I had a "breathing episode" in eary September that scared me pretty badly in particular. I dont think I was refluxing but I hadnt eaten all day, and I have Gastroparesis.... I was bloated in my guts/intestines I believe, due to poor diet and consumption of beer the night before. So I was already a bit uncomfortable that day. The not eating wasnt good... as I have hypoglycemia and start feeling anxious and jumpy from lack of food. The trouble breathing felt like I was being suffocated. My stomach was bloated and I think, so full of air that it FELT like i had to fight to breathe (sound familiar?). Then I did get anxious... well who wouldnt, it is very scary to have trouble breathing... My guts felt like they were twitching and spasming, I dont know how else to put it.

In desperation, I took a mild tranquilizer (Klonopin) and in a short time I was fine! My guts were still all bloated but I was totally free of having to gasp for air..... I mean I was just fine. I am thinking a tranquilizer would not have worked had it been a really serious problem. It relaxed my nerves and muscles and I was just fine and hardly noticed at all the trouble breathing/trouble expanding my lungs due to pressure in the gut/stomach area pushing on the lungs and diaphragm, is my guess what was happening.

I think some of us are just more anxiety prone and sensitive to certain stimuli and a lot more sensitive and aware of our breathing and any potential threats to it. I know I have a history of anxiety all my life... I used to get very bad panic attacks for years and prior to that was always just a nervous, anxious person. Also generalized anxiety and social anxiety disorder. Personally I hate labels but am listing these because they are pretty well known in this day and age.

I think learning to relax in general will be quite helpful in dealing with GERD and all other symptoms/problems.

Have u ever seen an allergist to see if youre allergic/sensitive to any foods in particular? You dont have to have a full blown severe reaction to be allergic, it could cause something as mild as a slight headache or bloating even.

I dont think its reflux into my lungs causing the breathing problems, at least for me. It defintely is something in my stomach area itself.... bloat and distended abdomen, pushing against my lungs. I am thankful I dont have the reflux in my lungs! And with the Pine Nut Oil, never at all! It does come back afer a few weeks if i stop the Oil and also keep eating garbage, which I admit I have a tendency to do.

Best wishes,