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Greenjeans, sorry i thought i reposted here, oops! I didn't get any answers and i was afraid of that. But he did say he would refer me in my Dr.s report to a specialist if needed because wich is good i don't have signs of anything like MS but nothing is helping in helping me find out whats going on other than i have back pain if i stand too long bend and twist ect repeatedly. And he is wondering if it's something like maybe my cysts or my stomach problem, wich me and my regular dr. is trying to find out. It's very frustuarting because i have had everything check except yet to have my GI appt due to she think i may have an ulcer but not sure if this would cause the pain and now that i think of it i had all this pain before the the stomach problem and before we discover the cysts but not that they were there before hand, but i did find out something after some searching and trying not to worry but i found that people with type A blood are more likely to develop stomach cancer, but it would seem like my blood work would come back abnormal. And also i got started back on my Klonopin today so i sure am less anxious and that helps with the worrying i am just in a daze for now and whatever they find i can handle it! I am still lost as what could be the cause of the back pain especially when he said the 6th vertabrea wouldn't be it nor anything about mild stenosis or arthritis, so i am stumped myself! Anyway my Dr. is gonna meet were her team and get suggestions on what to do next! And i know tis sounds cruel to my body but i am not lazy never have been, not that i go to a gym daily or weekly but i have always been a goer so i am gonna see if i can aggrevate this when i do see someone so i can tell them exactly what did it how it effects me because i was so bad at one time that my PT person thought for sure i had a bulging discs and nerve entrapment of some sort, so theres something that happens we just don't know what. Sorry so long, can you tell i'm less anxious?;)
Love, Monkey
P.S. I am wishing you well at your appt. I hope you find out more than i did this week!