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Carol, to tell you the truth, I firmly believe that I was treated well because 1) though it occurs, narcotic addiction is less likely to happen in the military, especially among the officer corps and 2) being the military, they didn't have to worry about the feds breathing down their necks monitoring every pain prescription they wrote. In the military, it was nothing to get percocet. Though it was usually reserved for internal infection type pain, it was the standard drug for tha stufft. I got it after having my daughter and developing a uterine infection, for my wisdom teeth (infection then removal followed by dry socket complications) for about 3 weeks strait. Jaws drop here on the outside if I ever mention how many times I was prescribed percocet. On top of that, though Ultram and Celebrex was my usual on-hand pain meds for my back, GP's would give me hydros no questions asked (it did require a visit, but they always treated me with dignity) no problem. Also to clarify, I have been to Physical therapy. Twice to be exact. I got probably 75 percent relief, but it would only last several weeks before it started to gradually go back to the way it was before.

My husband was Air Force, which I hear from other branches has much better facilities. Plus we were stationed at a base with the best hospital in the armed forces at Lackland AFB. They had a brilliant, well organized system there where everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING was recorded in the same database and every doctor or pharmacist had a computer in every office and treatment room. All it took was a few keystrokes to access my entire history. They could plainly see that I had a diagnosis and I'd only asked for hydros twice in the last 3 months for the same condition and maybe gotten one refill.

I've even had trouble getting a prescription for my meds for panic disorder. I took klonopin for 2 years when my husband was AF, and I refilled 60 .5 mg tabs only every 5-6 months. I have been to 3 or 4 GP's, all who are hesitant to prescribe any benzos. (I don't understand why anyone abuses them anyway. They are far from a euphoric drug. Percs I understand, but Klonopin or Xanax?) All it does is make me a zombie!!They all try to put me on some sort of anti-depressant, which I don't need with the frequency of my attacks. Plus my problem is physical and chemical (I have Mitral Valve Prolapse/Dysautonomia syndrome with a parasympathetic nervous system tendency, meaning my autonomic nervous system malfunctions occasionally, and it responds with chemicals just fine, but it isn't so good at putting the breaks on. It causes hypoglycemia, faintness upon quick position changes, etc.) instead of being a phobia or a or brain based chemical thing.

Anyway, I have been treated like a drug addict ever since I started going to civilian docs. It's gotten so bad that at times, I'll go to the doctor and get nervous. I feel like a fraud myself. Does that make any sense?

Thanks both of you for your responses, and I will get myself to the spine center as soon as transportation and childcare arrangements can be made. Thanks so much.