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Hello posters, and to Brigit regarding the exercise and anaphalaxis shock episodes you have had. I was dx with tmep about one year ago. I had been sick off and on for 10 yrs or more. I was dx. with tmj, fibromyalgia,etc. was also told to take antidepressants, but they only made me feel worse. Headaches of the worst!!! I am 44 yrs. old and I too notice when I work out I get dizziness, flushing, without really doing very much. But exercise is the only thing that has helped me to stay positive. Even when I feel like I can't get off the couch or out of bed. Once I get to the gym I am fine. I gained weight after the birth of our second child, and also found out I had a thyroid imbalance. Hypothyroid and nodules that were bx. and checked out ok, but I still have to take the thyroid med. everyday. I read that with my dx. I need to have a medical ID bracelet and a written plan of treatment with me at all times in case of an emergency etc. Has anyone else been told this??? To carry an epi pen etc.?????????????? Brigit, I hope you feel better, and take good care of yourself. I am taking benadryl at night because I use to wake up with severe hives, hot skin, rapid heart beat etc. This was before I was dx. I take esgic plus for my headaches, and klonopin for me helps at night. I didn't have nervous feelings, or panic type situations until my thyroid etc. It's pretty mild but for me; without these meds. I was alot worse. I don't get the morning fog or drowsiness from this so I can get most housework etc. done in am on a good day. Update too!!! I will be seeing a hematologist and an oncologist Mid July. I guess it's time to find out if my TMEP is systemic or not. The symptoms at times can be hard to deal with. I will post again on my treatment/tests/etc. Let's help one another here :) Without the support here and all of the info. we can get sure does not hurt. I know everyone has their own treatments etc... I am just stating what so far has worked (most of the time for me) I hope this was of some help!!!!!! I will post soon everyone who reads this!!!!!! So we can all learn together. Mom in California :)