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You are welcome Steve. Sounds like a good plan for you to do it after the cruise. I know it is hard for your wife to take time off but I really do think somebody should be with you and it really does need to be somebody who can "be" with you and accessible. I don't know how you will work that out but that is up to you.
As I said, all of us are different and these are just my suggestions. Can you get around on your own on the first day postop..... make your breakfast and go up and down steps? Sure you most likely will be able to do those things. You may need some help in the moral support area.. It will just make things easier.....I think so anyway.......but then men may be different?! I don't know but I would not have wanted to be alone frankly. I really felt I needed someone there. I am not exaggerating when I said I thought I was going to pass out and passing out alone is not a good idea. Just my opinion here. You are having this done in a doctor's office? I had mine done in an OR and mine was also local and sedation. Take it from me....good sedation and you will remember NOTHING. If you want to remember nothing.....tell the person in charge of your sedation that you want it that way. Also, I had a drug during my anesthetic that guarded against nausea and vomiting. I highly recommend you request this drug. The drug I had was "zofran." This is used in conjunction with lots of anesthetics when the patient gives a history of past problems with nausea and vomiting.(other drugs are available too that do the same thing.anzemet, kytril to name a couple) You HAVE had nausea and vomiting with past anesthetics haven't you? (hint hint) You have not? Well I suggest you say you have! I cannot imagine being nauseated and having vomiting postop. It would be too much strain on the rectal muscles. All that heaving would not be a good idea! Please let me know if you are having this done in the office. If you are, I suggest you tell the doctor you want very deep sedation and he may move you to the OR instead.
Glad to be of help. Have a fun time on the cruise and I will try to keep up with your progress here ok?


[quote]Originally posted by srg914:
Thanks Marie, your info is very helpful.
My ibs was diagnosed many years ago, before the hems appeared. My surgery is scheduled for May 27, right after I return from a cruise. The doc couldn't do the surgery early enough before the cruise so that I'd be fully recovered. My wife is using her last personal day to take me to the doc on the day of surgery, looks like I'll be home alone the day after...will I be able to fix my own breakfast, walk up and down the stairs?
I won't be having general anethesia, but sedation and
a local. Please continue to post here, I'd like to know how your recovery is coming along.
Again, many thanks, it helps hearing from someone who has been through this and is willing to share their experience.